Labor Polarization In The Context Of Agricultural Robotization In The Middle Urals

Name of Article : Labor Polarization In The Context Of Agricultural Robotization In The Middle Urals
Authors : Semin A.N., Skvortsov E.A., Skvortsova E.G., Oğuz Cennet, Örs Aykut
Date : Dec. 2020
Journal :

International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies

Host Institution : PAPER ID: 11A14P
Page number : 1
Abstract :

The digital transformation of agriculture in the Urals causes a major change in the qualitative and quantitative composition of the industry’s workforce and its structure. This study determines the demand for highly qualified professionals in the industry who are appropriately trained to interact with digital products and technologies. This study identifies patterns of labor resource formation, including labor polarization, in the context of the digital transformation of the companies operating in agricultural sectors of Urals. To study labor polarization, the rate of decline (increase) in employment by profession depending on the wage grade in agricultural organizations was analyzed. Analysis of the effects of agricultural robotization on the labor force shows that 17 jobs were created between 2013-2020, 76.5% of them are occupied by men and 23.5% by women, the largest share of workers (47.1%) is in the age 18-29 years old, and 52.9% of workers have higher education. The analysis shows an increase in employment in the professions with the highest wage grades, while the employment growth rate of robot maintenance technicians and robotic milking operators was 16.7% per year. Several professions with average wage grades experienced no changes in employment during the period under review, while those with low wage grades and high routine operations experienced a drop in the employment rate. A conclusion has been made on labor polarization in the industry to reduce routine operations (ALM hypothesis).

Keywords : Digital transformation; Human resources; Agricultural labor force; Agricultural robotics; labor polarization; Digital Agriculture; Agricultural labor wage.

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