Precision Dairy Farms


Seminar Name : Precision Dairy Farms
Seminar Type : Doctoral Seminar
Department : Selçuk University, Institute of Science, Department of Agricultural Economics
Author : Aykut ÖRS
Advisor : Prof. Dr. Cennet OĞUZ
Date : March 2015
Page Number : 53
Abstract :

The concept of precision agriculture was first introduced in the USA in the 1980s and arose from the need to solve environmental problems caused by agricultural activities such as the use of fertilizers and pesticides. With the development of information technology, precision agriculture has made rapid progress in recent years, especially in developed countries. Precision agriculture is considered as an appropriate approach to sustainable agriculture. Precision agricultural practices are used in animal production as well as in crop production. Sensitive dairy farming, one of the sensitive livestock systems, can be broadly defined as an approach to sustainable milk production, both economically and ecologically.

In order to use scarce resources more effectively, it is necessary to explore the full potential of each individual dairy cow. Therefore, while herd management is applied in conventional dairy farm, the basic logic in sensitive dairy farm is to evaluate each cow as an individual and manage each cow individually. The development of this management system is provided by the information obtained from sensor technology and automation systems and their use is increasing day by day. These technologies offer significant gains in labor productivity and decision-making quality.

The purpose of this study is to determine the precision production technologies used in dairy farms; Examining the intended use and working principles of these technologies; It is the evaluation of the studies on the economic performance of these technologies and the adoption of these technologies by the farmers.

Keywords : Precision dairy farm, dairy technology

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