Evaluation Of Konya Province Mevlana Development Agency Rural Development Supports

Name of Thesis : Evaluation Of Konya Province Mevlana Development Agency Rural Development Supports
Thype of Thesis : Master Thesis
Department : Selçuk University, Institute of Science, Department of Agricultural Economics
Author : Aykut ÖRS
Advisor : Prof. Dr. Cennet OĞUZ
Jury : Prof. Dr. Mustafa PAKSOY

Prof. Dr. Cennet OĞUZ

Prof. Dr. Kenan PEKER

Acceptance Date : 04/12/2013
Page Number : 195
Abstract : The main purpose of this thesis is to assess measures which will help to increase impact of rural development investment programs. For this purpose by applying a survey to beneficiaries of Mevlana Development Agency’s Rural Development Financial Support Program; problems, accrued during application of program, were determined. By revising success of program in accordance with the planned expectations, suggestions were developed for future programs.Within the context of program; 29 projects from Konya and 17 projects from Karaman, in total 46 projects, were supported. Population of research is supported projects from Konya. Complete counting method was used as a sampling method because of low number of projects and reaching information is easy. Survey data’s were evaluated in research findings section by using tables, charts, calculation of averages and percentages, chi-square tests.

As a result of this thesis, main concern of beneficiaries is if all appealed projects are dealt fair in project selection stage or not. So in project selection stage it’s important to apply transparency, accountability and fair deal principles. In addition to this, other recommendations are present in conclusion section.

Keywords : Konya, Rural Development, Financial Support Program, Mevlana Development Agency

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