Agricultural Support Policies Implemented in Turkey and Rural Development Supports

Seminar Name : Agricultural Support Policies Implemented in Turkey and Rural Development Supports
Seminar Type : Graduate Seminar
Department : Selçuk University, Institute of Science, Department of Agricultural Economics
Author : Aykut ÖRS
Advisor : Prof. Dr. Cennet OĞUZ
Date : January 2011
Page Number : 103
Abstract :

Agricultural support policies are implemented by using different support tools for purposes such as increasing the income level of the agricultural sector, increasing productivity and production in agriculture. Agricultural support policies in Turkey before 2001, the market price of inputs and credit support showed a weighted structure. After the Agricultural Reform Implementation Project, which started to be implemented in 2001, its effects on production were limited and new policies based on direct income supports were started to be implemented.

Rural Development Policy has an important place among the policies implemented. The purpose of the Rural Development Policy is: increasing the access of those living in rural settlements to humane living conditions, supporting the demands for change on the basis of development, discovering and reliance on their own power, ensuring justice in income distribution, increasing their income, increasing the rate of access to education and health services, protecting natural resources and the reflection of wealth to the life of the individual in the countryside.

Two important actors of Rural Development Policy are Regional Development Agencies and IPARD Agencies.

In this study; Turkey and the world agricultural support policies, rural development policies implemented in Turkey, development agencies and those agencies operating in the province of Konya Mevlana Development Agency and TKDK has described the current state of the Konya Provincial Coordination.

Keywords : Agricultural Support Policies, Rural Development, Development and IPARD Agencies

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