Milking Robots, Is It Worth It To Buy?


Name of Article : Milking Robots, Is It Worth It To Buy?
Authors : Aykut Örs, Cennet Oğuz
Date : Mayıs 2016
Conference : 2. Uluslararası Tarım, Gıda ve Gastronomi Kongresi (25 – 27 Mayıs 2016, Isparta)
Host Institution : Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi Tarım Ekonomisi Bölümü
Page No. : 10
Abstract : All potential of a individual cow must be discovered for effective using of farm resources. That’s why each cow is evaluated and managed as an individual in precision dairy farms while conventional dairy farms applying herd management systems. Milking robots are without doubt most interesting precision dairy technology. Use of milking robots are increased in European countries, United States of America, Canada and Australia. However it’s adaptation rate in Turkey is slow because it’s usage is new in Turkey and has not enough information about positive and negative differences versus automatic milking machines.

The purpose of this study is; comparing milking robots and automatic milking machines according to working systems, investment costs, labor force costs, energy consumption, feed consumption, cow productivity and farm income. For this purpose, benefited from national and international literature on this topic. As a result of this study, economic and social effects on farm are assessed and recommendations for future are done.

Keywords : Precision Dairy Farming, Milking Robots, Costs, Income, Productivity

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