Economic Performance of Robotic Milking

Name of Article : Economic Performance of Robotic Milking
Authors : Aykut ÖRS, Cennet OĞUZ
Date : September 2017
Conference :

The Eurasian Agriculture and Naturel Sciences Congress (20 – 23 September 2017, Kyrgyzstan)

Host Institution : Manas University, Kyrgyzstan
Page number : 11
Abstract :

Usage of robotic milking systems is increasing more and more to decrease labor input and to enhance life quality of dairy farmers. Over 35.000 milking robots are operational on dairy farms around the world today, heading by West Europe, United States of America, Canada and Australia. According to a study on 2016, there are 54 milking robots in 21 farms in Turkey. Its adaptation rate in Turkey is slow because usage of robotic milking systems is new and there is not enough information about economic performance of robotic milking systems against conventional milking systems. In this paper, literature about economics of robotic milking is reviewed to compare with conventional milking systems. Data of investment cost, labor input, energy consumption, feed cost, milking frequency, milk yield and net income criteria’s from 33 studies on 13 different countries between 1998-2017 are compiled as a table. According to the table, comparison is done for each criteria by years and recommendations for future are done.

Keywords : Comparison, Economic performance, Robotic milking systems

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