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Everyone dealing with computers is somehow familiar with pdf files. From time to time, we may need to process these files. For this purpose, pdf.io (https://pdf.io) is an online pdf tool. The main functions of this tool are: Converting pdf files to excel, word, powerpoint formats; combining two or more pdf files (either by selecting the entire files or their specific pages) into a single file; Split the desired pages of the pdf file and save as a separate pdf; rotating the pages in the pdf and removing the pdf password.

You can use the functions in this tool for free. However, it makes you wait for a new one for a while after performing two different processes. A situation that will not cause much trouble for a normal user. However, for those who will use it heavily, it is possible to remove this waiting period for a certain fee.

Tool link : https://pdf.io

As an alternative to this online tool, you can use the smallPDF site. You can read my related article to access this tool and get information.

Smallpdf – PDF Çevirme, Birleştirme, Bölme, Döndürme

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