Supporting Medicinal And Aromatic Plant In IPARD

Name of Article : Supporting Medicinal And Aromatic Plant Breeding In The Framework Of The Instrument For Pre-Accession Assistance In Rural Development (IPARD) Programme
Authors : Aykut ÖRS, Ender KAYA
Date : Ekim 2018
Conference :

VI. KOP Bölgesel Kalkınma Sempozyumu

Host Institution : Necmettin Erbakan Üniversitesi
Page number : 4
Abstract : Rural areas in our country are regions where the number of subsistence and semi-subsistence enterprises considerably high and people are suffering from low income levels. The diversification of activities in rural areas, which may generate additional income for agricultural enterprises, is hardly ever seen in our country. Moreover, the fact that the incomes of women, who may be a strong element of increasing household incomes, are low, presents a challenge as a priority issue. For this reason, the importance of farming-based activity diversification, which is a traditional subsistence agricultural activity, arises in order to develop complementary income sources. With this approach, rural families are expected to contribute to improving their economic situation and reduce their tendency to leave rural areas. In addition, domestic demand will provide local market opportunities to reduce imports or provide future export opportunities. In this study, distributed medicinal and aromatic plant breeding supports in the framework of The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance in Rural Development (IPARD) Programme in the scope of diversification of economic activities has been examined.
Keywords : Rural Development, Rural Development and Financing, Agricultural Activity, IPARD, Medical and Aromatic Plant Breeding

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