“The LEADER Approach” As A Rural Development Strategy

Name of Article : “The LEADER Approach” As A Rural Development Strategy; The EU And Turkey Practices
Authors : Ender KAYA, Aykut ÖRS
Date : Nisan 2019
Conference :

International Erciyes Agriculture, Animal & Food Sciences Conference

Host Institution : Erciyes University – Kayseri/Turkiye
Page number : 136
Abstract : The LEADER approach is a local development method, which allows local actors to develop an area by using its endogenous development potential. The implementation of the LEADER approach in the EU and Turkey are carried out under the IPA program in the current situation. In Turkey, the LEADER approach is among the measures covered in the IPARD II Program. The main material of the study was IPARD I program, IPARD II program and official websites of the EC and Ministry. In the study, firstly, key features and implementing methods of LEADER approach were explained and then practices of EU and Turkey were explained. Turkey is very new in applying the LEADER approach as yet compared to the EU’s 30 years of the LEADER approach experience. While the EU is applying the fifth generation of the LEADER approach, Turkey was accredited for the LEADER approach measure of IPARD program in March 2019 and is planning to make first project call in August 2019. 2888 local action groups (LAGs) were supported in the EU by the program that is implemented between 2014-2020, while 25 LAGs were established in Turkey. Total public aid value of the LEADER approach measure is €26,700,000 and with an EU contribution rate of %90, EU contribution value is €24,030,000 in Turkey.
Keywords : Rural development, the LEADER approach, IPARD program, local action groups

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