The Condition Of Apple Production Sector In Karaman

Name of Article : The Condition Of Apple Production Sector In Karaman From The Perspective Of Production, Yield And Foreign Trade
Authors : Ender KAYA, Aykut ÖRS
Date : Nisan 2019
Conference :

International Erciyes Agriculture, Animal & Food Sciences Conference

Host Institution : Erciyes University – Kayseri/Turkiye
Page number : 129
Abstract : The world apple production is about 83 million tons and with 3 million tons Turkey is the third country in World apple production after China and the United States. In this study, sectoral analysis of apple production activity in Karaman which is the second in Turkey’s apple production, was done. In the study, firstly, apple production amount and area, number of fructiferous trees, yield value, price and foreign trade data in the World and in Turkey were presented. Then the same datas in Karaman were presented. The main material of the study was datas taken from FAO and TSI. By evaluating these data, the development of the apple production sector in Karaman over time and its current situation were revealed. In addition, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possible threats of the apple production sector were demonstrated by SWOT analysis. According to research results, %16.42 of the total apple production in Turkey was produced in Karaman. Between the years 1980-2017, while apple cultivation areas has increased on a regular basis in Turkey, the amount of production has also increased although the production amount showed fluctuations. In Karaman, while the cultivation areas did not change much in time, the amount of production increased in a fluctuating manner. This is due to the increase of yield over the years with modern cultivation techniques. However, apple yield per fruit-bearing tree in Karaman is 52.74 kg and it is below 54.37 kg which is the average in Turkey. With the results of SWOT analysis, it was aimed to contribute to the development of the apple production activity in Karaman.
Keywords : Apple production, yield, SWOT analysis,

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