Microsoft Visual Studio Tab Order

The tab order is the order in which a user moves focus from one control to another by pressing the TAB key. Each form has its own tab order. By default, the tab order is the same as the order in which you created the controls. Tab-order numbering begins with zero.

Step 1: 1.On the View menu or layout menu strip, choose Tab Order.


Step 2: This activates the tab-order selection mode on the form. A number (representing the TabIndex property) appears in the upper-left corner of each control.

Step 3: Click the controls sequentially to establish the tab order you want.

Step 4: When you have finished, choose Tab Order from the View menu again to leave tab order mode.


To remove a control from the tab order

Set the control’s TabStop property to false in the Properties window. A control whose TabStop property has been set to false still maintains its position in the tab order, even though the control is skipped when you cycle through the controls with the TAB key.


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