Source Code Formatting for Blogs

If you are blogging for programmers and your blogs includes code samples, it is important to present code samples readable and easy to copy by visitors. Also there are several components to do this, you can do this with HTML and no need to use any component. You can use the blog site, named as “Source Code Formatter For Blogger, Blogspot , Blog & Blogging”, from this link “”. To explain usage with an example;

You have a SQL statement in SQL Server like below;

Copy SQL statement and than paste it to the box named “Paste Here Your Source Code”

Click “format source code” button.

HTML code is generated and present in the box named “Copy Formatted Source Code”. Copy the HTML code inside the box.

Paste the copied HTML code to your blog page in HTML view. The genereted HTML code is pasted bellow to show the view.



 INSERT INTO [Araclar].[dbo].[AraclarBilgi]  
 ( [aracPlaka]  
 SELECT [arabaPlaka]  
 FROM [Araba].[dbo].[ArabaBilgi]  

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